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4 Benefits of Resilience Training for your Employees

Workplace Wellbeing

In a guest blog below, Hannah and Fiona from Yellow Tree Wellbeing have shared four benefits of resilience training for your employees:

Resilience can be defined as “the ability to bounce back, to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness” and “the ability to minimise the effect of life’s difficulties on us”. So how can resilience training help your employees and your business?

1. It can help to protect against mental health problems

One in four people will develop a mental health problem each year with 1 in 10 experiencing anxiety or depression at any given time. The resulting lost hours to unproductive workers or absence can have a significant cost impact for your business. Not all mental health problems are preventable but developing a resilient mindset can protect us from developing some of the milder conditions and help us cope with some others.

2. Resilient people have a greater ability to cope with every day hassles and major stressors

Resilience will help you and your employees to cope with the everyday demands and pressures of work as well as the more significant challenges such as organisational uncertainties, changes and restructures. Having recently worked with a public sector company going through a big reshuffle that involved redundancies, as a way of supporting their people through this change we ran resilience workshops for them; providing techniques and strategies they could use to help them navigate the change.

3. Studies show resilient people are more emotionally stable

Emotional stability is a key factor for employee wellbeing and successful performance. The ability to respond rather than react in stressful situations is crucial for us to be able to perform at our best and maintain positive working relationships.

4. Resilient people are more likely to perceive setbacks and challenges as manageable

Having resilient people in your business means you’ll reap the benefits of their ability to overcome barriers and obstacles. Their tenacity, their positivity and proactive outlook can mean difficult projects get completed.


Yellow Tree Wellbeing provide training, retreats and one to one coaching to help clients improve their wellbeing; emotionally, physically and mentally.