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7 Reasons why Setting Goals is Important

Workplace Productivity

It’s something we’re often tasked with doing in the workplace to fulfil our roles, but goal setting is about more than satisfying workplace criteria. Thinking properly about where we envisage ourselves going – both at work and in our personal lives – focuses the mind and keeps us on track. Ultimately, setting goals helps us become more successful and contented with our lives.

Here are 7 reasons why setting goals can really help us.

1. Aim Higher

Even the thought process that goes into goal setting pushes us to think about what we really want. Goal setting should be an honest conversation with ourselves about what our ideal lives will look like in the future. In the first step of goal setting, don’t talk yourself out of something because you think it’s not possible. Aim high first and then see what’s possible afterwards. This mindset will bring you closer to achieving your ‘ideal’ in life.

2. It’s all about Specifics

Setting goals forces us to think about the specific things we need to do to achieve things. Once you have an idea of what you want to accomplish,  goal setting will make you think deeply about how you are going to achieve it. Whether it’s upskilling so you can get a promotion, or setting yourself a target to complete a qualification by a certain date, it’s specific actions like these that help us move forward.

3. Get Motivated

Setting goals gives us something to aim for, which is a brilliant motivator. Goals translate into a series of actions, and when we’re doing these actions, it’s clear in our minds just why we’re doing them and what ultimate benefits they will bring. Even on days when we’re tired or have less energy, goals can give us the boost we need.

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4. Stay Focused

We often find ourselves juggling priorities, both at work and in life. At times it can be difficult to see what’s important and what should take priority. Having goals underpins our day-to-day actions and when we’re overwhelmed by to-do lists, our goals provide greater clarity on what we should be prioritising and focusing on.

5. Progressing Forward

Having goals puts us in a state of self-reinforcing action. As we start to see ourselves making progress against our specific goals, it propels us forward. Breaking down bigger goals into smaller tasks is something that really helps make actual progress that we can see happening almost constantly. Not only does this give us a great sense of achievement, it makes us more productive overall.

6. A Sense of Urgency

Goal setting can be particularly useful for procrastinators. When you set goals – which includes deadlines of what will be achieved when – it’s much more difficult to find excuses to delay action. Goals give you purpose and a positive sense of urgency that propels you forward.

7. Confidence Boosting

Ultimately, having goals that you start to make progress against is one of the best confidence boosts out there. It shows how aiming a little higher can really work when you achieve what you set out to do. It gives you confidence to set other goals and continue pushing yourself towards the life you really want to lead.

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Setting goals is all about deciding on something you wish to achieve and committing to it. Goal setting turns dreams into a set of achievable actions, leading you to the things you really want in life.

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