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The Role Technology Plays in Team Building

Team Building

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, changing everything from the way we shop and communicate, to how we read and learn.

In the workplace, team building is also getting a shake-up thanks to technology. Increasingly, digital tools – such as smartphones, tablets and GPS systems – are being incorporated into team building activities with the aim of enhancing the group experience.

21st Century Team Building

Team building isn’t changing; it’s just getting a face-lift. We still embark on scavenger hunts, but we use GPS instead of maps. We still take part in team quizzes, but we answer on tablets instead of paper. We still solve murder mysteries, but we use our smartphones as trusted sidekicks.

Technology is creating more engaging, immersive experiences for employees, without compromising on the key principles of team building. Tech-based activities still encourage teams to work cohesively, as well as improving skills such as communication, creative thinking and problem solving.

In fact, if technology makes activities more enjoyable to take part in, those activities are much more likely to leave a positive, lasting impression on employees.

WEB - Technology in the Workplace

Endless Possibilities

With new technologies, come new possibilities – and digital tools have led the creation of numerous, innovative activities. ‘Make-a-movie’ tasks are a good example, where teams storyboard, direct and star in their own films, often centred on a particular theme. Either professional video equipment is supplied, or employees are simply encouraged to use their smartphone cameras.

How about geocaching? Essentially a high-tech treasure hunt, geocaching sees teams using the GPS on their phones to seek out containers, known as caches. En-route to reaching each target, teams will encounter hurdles, and overcoming them together will help to boost morale and camaraderie among the group.

Technology is constantly evolving and adapting, paving the way for new and exciting activities that will leave teams engaged and energised.


Tech-based activities are more flexible. When taking part in head-to-head tasks, teams can receive instant feedback, allowing them to compare scores against one another in real time. Tech is replacing drawn-out, manual processes – like totting-up scores or distributing answer sheets – meaning more time for everyone to enjoy the team exercises.

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Supporting Experiential Learning

Technology supports experiential learning by making experiences more immersive and exciting for employees. Regardless of whether it is a smartphone or tablet that is integrated into an experiential team building activity, this tech provides employees with a genuine experience of shared problem solving, decision-making and creative thinking; all of which have far reaching real-life implications despite being played out in a simulated environment.

Similarly, apps offer straightforward, personalised ways of presenting and reinforcing lessons learned during experiential team building sessions, which helps to maximise their impact. It’s these apps, along with other tools, that are revolutionising experiential team building by creating more innovative, practical activities and learning methods.

Pairing technology with team building activities is purely a sign of the times, with digital tools creating more enriching, interactive and dynamic experiences for employees.

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